If you are looking for a nice Spanish tavern, renovated but loyal to its original spirit, you have to visit La Carmencita. Also to have dinner until 02 h in the morning, or organic coffee with natural milk in the morning, very early. This tavern, born in 1854, was redecorated and refurbished approximately one year ago, converted into a neo-tavern with influence from Northern Spain. Situated in the Chueca Quarter gay, trendy area, you can try here “tapas” and “raciones“, vermouth, eco-eggs and omelettes, and really nice fish. They say that García Lorca, the famous Spanish poet, and Miguel Hernández, came here in the twenties to have discussions about politics and arts. Hipsters and cool people are welcome! Around 30 eur/person including some wine.

+Info Taberna La Carmencita

Web: www.tabernalacarmencita.es

Address :  Libertad, 16

Tel: 0034 915310911

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