Your friends in Madrid

First web about Madrid leisure with best places and ideas in english, spanish and chinese.

Madrid visited with a person from the city. All our posts have been written and produced in situ, asking for the best choices and curious details. A selection for an international, cosmopolitan visitor that visits Madrid as a big European capital, like London or Berlin. Our recomendations are the same that we would make to any of our friends: you are our friend in Madrid.

Starting at the end of 2012, being chosen by Spain-China Foundation, we imparted a Workshop for opinion leaders of this country, and we detected the need of high level information about most contemporary Madrid, including traditional but cool options.

Where to go, what to do, what is the best place for something, out of touristic restrictions. Restaurants, coffees, shops, places for beauty and health, shops where to buy spanish designs and trendy new options… all Hotels and rooms have also been chosen as ideal, although different style, always perfects places to stay and connect with Madrid.

Also A “Tops” selection with best art places, markets –a revolution in Madrid-, flamenco places –best flamenco in Spain is in the city-… If you have special requests or needs, we can help you with extra information about any post of this website in any language. Now you have friends in Madrid.

Madrideluxe Team