Gazpacho is one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet. Well, La Cocina de San Antón (on the third floor of the San Antón Market) has just opened a gazpachería, offering either traditional ones with cucumber, tomato and bread, either the most original. All low in calories with many vitamins and minerals, massive nutritional value.

This restaurant was famous in the neighborhood of Chueca for cooking the food of their shop downstairs. Three spaces (main hall, terrace and porch) and well known ibérico Ham (Cinco Jotas or Osborne). A very extensive menu, leaded by traditional recipes with prestigious references, combined in a cool, fun place.

Now, from 12pm, they serve authentic gazpacho but also shakes of strawberries, muskmelon or green garlic soup with mint. A refreshing drink, a roof terrace and good views: tradition and trend, two in one.

 + Info La Cocina de San Antón-gazpachería

Address: C/ Augusto Figueroa 24 third floor

Telephone: 91 330 02 94

Email: info@lacocinadesananton


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