Few know the real Arabic past of Madrid (Mayrit), but in the ninth century our city was an important defensive position dependent on the city of Toledo. After hundreds of years, Hammam Al Andalus Madrid now recreates in this Arabic space the baths that existed in Al-Andalus centuries ago, adapting the style to nowadays taste.
Its building rests on a hundred years old cistern, taking full advantage of its structure and materials, with a decoration that takes us back in time.
The key of Hammam Al Andalus is the bathroom, a route to different rooms and treatments. In one hour and a half it is also possible to enjoy another Andalusian tradition: the massage with natural soap, kessa glove, foam and essential oils. Mmmm…
Hamman Madrid

+info Hammam Al Ándalus

Address: C/ Atocha, 14.Madrid
Tel. 91 429 90 20
Web: madrid.hammamalandalus.com

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