Gourmet Experience

In one sentence: a place to have tapas in the center of Madrid with impressive views and a lot of buzz. The old cafeteria of El Corte Inglés near the Callao metro, in the traditional street Gran Vía, has become a gourmet space and a terrace with spectacular views. A modern space with reasonable prices. The best place to discover the oriental influenced cuisine of our current best young Spanish chef (Dani García Diverxo) […]


San Miguel Market

In one sentence: to have tapas in a traditional place with tourists. Historical and literary echoes surround this old market located next to Plaza Mayor. Now, inside this iron and glass space, a beautiful nineteenth century building, a community of entrepreneurs in Spanish cuisine and gastronomy connect with many tourists and curious visitors walking along different stalls to try ham (Carrasco Guijuelo), tortillas (La Tortilla Senen), Sushimarket , ecological (Ergoien), yogurt […]


Platea Madrid

In one sentence: a place to try gourmet spanish food and drinks in an elegant neighborhood. If you enter this space situated at the beggining of Goya Street (number 5th), through the ground floor, you will cross a fruit shop store and a gourmet deli, and, after this space, you will reach a lounge enhanced by a Damm beer bar to pay homage to the Beers World. Try an ale “doble malta” beer on tap […]


Motors Market

In one sentence: to buy vintage gifts in a flea market, inside a museum. In the old and stunning railway museum, this proposed market/barzar market -English Weekend Markets style- only happens one weekend a month. It brings together three different areas and a variety of offers. Inside the museum, in front the train tracks, different stalls with decoration, art and sculpture, gourmet products, books and so many more. Outside, old products stalls offer […]


San Antón market

In one sentence: a nice place to have some tapas or have a drink in the modern/ gay district. In the district of Chueca, intersection of Augusto Figueroa and Barbieri streets erects this market, hundred years ago a street market, now a gourmet environment, since 2002. An ambitious renovation to develop a wonderful combination, fresh and cool. We recommend you to visit La trastienda Tapas, with its famous croquettes, Casa del Bacalao, […]


San Ildefonso market

In one sentence: for drinking and eating tapas in a trendy district. One of the most recently inaugurated markets (June 2014), not is the biggest one, not the one full of foreigners, but  located in the center of trendy -and friendly- Malasaña district. Three floors, seven hundred square meters and almost a perfect location for 20 stalls of different food styles of different cities (a kind of Street food market), stressing the national product. The […]


La Paz Market

In a sentence: a traditional market to buy Spanish delicatessen foods in a stylish neighborhood. Inaugurated in 1882 in the heart of the Salamanca district of Madrid, this is one of the four modernist markets built in the nineteenth century, made of steel and glass, the only one that still is open as a market. Remodeled during the mid-twentieth century, this time-honoured traditional place is nice for shopping, not only having […]


San Fernando market

In one sentence: to purchase Spanish products and discover a cultural/ social initiative in Madrid. The San Fernando market, located between the metro Ambassadorsand Lavapies, is next to the famous “Rastro market”. A place with wide range of fresh products, food, crafts and services. You can find in “Por Su Puesto” where Rodrigo sells Granada`s ecological products. In “La Casquería, Libros al Peso“, you will discover a social economic project for “recycling […]


Anton Martin Market

In one sentence: to buy food or to have a drink+tapas in a very traditional market. Very close to the center of Madrid, located in the Antón Martín area, bohemian and multicultural, this market is unique. Three floors, two of them dedicated to food stalls and one for the flamenco dance school “Amor de Dios” (literally, ‘Love of God’). Also a places full of surprises. Fanzines and sandwiches, Dim-sum and Japanese food, another […]


La Cebada market

In one sentence: an old market, maybe disappearing, to buy Spanish products and visit a traditional large-scale space! Since the sixteenth century there has been a place for different food and market stalls. Now you will find fishmongers (like the store La Moderna, La Ría, La Selecta or Paco y Raúl), delis (La Madrileña Cibeles, Jesús y Toñi, among them), butchers’ shops (Alejandro Bonilla, Crespo, Corbacho,…) and other trades and stores like […]