Forever 21

It is the brand of the American fast fashion, and only had a property in Spain. Now, they’ve moved from Barcelona to the capital and settled in Madrid Xanadú Shopping Center. With over 2,700 m2 filled with their clothing collections and accessories, it will also include lingerie and footwear, and for male, 21MEN. Urban aesthetics, new items daily, affordable prices and the latest trends in fashion as well as the […]


& Others Stories

& Other Stories, another firm of the clothing giant H&M, has just landed in Madrid. The shop is placed in a historic building in the 15th of Hermosilla Street. This place is known as the old Teatriz, an early 20th century building that all over the years has been used as restaurant, theater and cinema. In order to retain much of its original structure, it has been narrowly restored. In […]


Louis Vuitton

Located since 1988 in the prestigious Ortega y Gasset Street, Louis Vuitton has recently decided to move to number 66th in Serrano Street. For the very first time, customers will be able to acquire female prêt-à-porter collections. In this new place of 400 sqm, mandatory visit for any real fashion lover, products are distributed in two stages. The ground floor is the place for the emblematic luggage and leather goods, […]



Marni woman is urban, stylish and vanguard. So is the recently inaugurated 136 m2 flagship store in Salamanca district: sober and functional but with bold details. The traditional façade and the minimalist aesthetics of the brand combine in an elegant and simple place. For the structure: polished concrete; for the interiors: marble, glass and stainless steel. We could see this contrast of materials before in Marni’s store in Tokyo, a […]


Slow Room

“We believe in a more relaxed and nice life. We are really aware of the environmental impact of our lifestyle and its surrounding beauty. We believe that quality is important…” All these ideas are part of Slowroom´s manifesto and they are the way they present themselves to the world. The conviction that the use of bikes is a real future for small cities is the basis of this young group […]


Margarita se llama mi amor

One flower for each day! “Margarita se llama mi amor” is more than just a flower shop, a space for enthusiasm and love towards Nature. A professional and young team devoted to selecting the most inspiring flowers and plants from Europe and from all over the world. Interior decoration lovers and garden projects admirers will very much enjoy a visit to this elegant, large space where you can buy or […]


Do design

Not only to buy but also to create something. This is Do Design´s motto, a beautiful place founded in fact three years ago… a place where you can feel quietness and have a coffee or simply stand and inspire yourself with their magazines (The Room, Apartamento, I Love You or Grey are some of their titles to have a look at the latest trends),“object Grey s trouvés” (selected objects reached around, […]



Last season, Yube shop was selling trousers like hot cakes. This big shop in the coolest area of Madrid is surrounded by really cool fashion shops but still remains the perfect space to find all musts, both for men and women. Yusti and Beatriz decided to combine their names into a contraction (Yu-Be) and create a new way of being fashion in Madrid. They travelled around the world and realized […]


Motors Market

In one sentence: to buy vintage gifts in a flea market, inside a museum. In the old and stunning railway museum, this proposed market/barzar market -English Weekend Markets style- only happens one weekend a month. It brings together three different areas and a variety of offers. Inside the museum, in front the train tracks, different stalls with decoration, art and sculpture, gourmet products, books and so many more. Outside, old products stalls offer […]


Adolfo Domínguez

One of the most important Spanish designers, originally from Galicia, his store on the Serrano Street is probably the most impressive building of all the street, the whole building with five floors dedicates to his universe. His clothes are characterized by a great textures and fabrics origin interest and are defined as “affordable luxury”, and incorporate a ecological touch, use sustainable and organic materials such as linen, natural cotton, … […]