La Perla

Through lingerie woman can develop their most sensual self. La Perla dedicates 12,209 square meters to underwear, night, fashion and luxury swimwear. All in a store designed by Gabriele Buratti with a decoration that recreates the world of the Italian brand with mirrors and glass walls. There you can find all lines of La Perla, whose core values are provocation elegance, sophistication and sensuality. It has exclusive designs for brides, […]


Espacio 33

Espacio 33 has made popular the concept of ‘high country cuisine’ due to its menu and to the fact of being the highest restaurant in Spain. Located on the 33rd floor of Torre Espacio, it offers spectacular views. During the day, one side you will see the city and from other side El Pardo or Sierra Norte de Madrid. Once you arrive at the reception, show your ID and wait […]


Hotel Intercontinental

Classic, this is the word that defines this five star hotel. Located in a former palace of the XVIII century, at number 49 Paseo de la Castellana, Intercontinental Madrid Hotel is housed in the cultural and business area of the capital, near the Prado Museum, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and Serrano Street. In its 60 years the hotel hasn’t lost its link to the film industry, being the place chosen by […]


Only You

Only You Hotel & Lounge Bar consists of a combination of boutique hotel and the current local lifestyle trend. In no time this hotel has become a meeting point for designers, public relations and trendsetters, who organize the most exclusive events in the capital. Located at number 21 Barquillo Street, in the heart of Madrid, the new urban Hotel has 70 rooms, each one with its own personality. The lounge is the […]


Pañpuri Spa

A journey to Thailand through the senses. This is the deluxe proposal that Pañpuri Organic Spa offers, inspired by the best ancient Eastern traditions. Located in the heart of Madrid’s Golden Mile, next to Louis Vuitton store, with six exclusive rooms (three single and three double), it takes the clients to a unique experience under the Thai hospitality and luxury seal. The journey begins with a tea. The best 100% […]


La Posada del Dragón

La Posada del Dragon is a mythical inn converted into a Boutique Hotel and Bar across its three storeys, each one dedicated to a different era of Madrid: the ground floor and the first are inspired by the origins of the capital, the second is much more sophisticated, as it corresponds to the Madrid Palaciego. The seventeenth century, and the third refers to the Madrid Contemporary, covering the second half […]



How much fits in a tin can? The best selection of healthy foods rich in vitamins, the essence from the Galician coasts. Only the best fit in a Frinsa tin can. Tradition and high quality. Founded in 1961, Frinsa is undergoing a continuous process of market exploration. This has led them to land in the capital with its first store: Frinsa La Conservera. A place where experiences, tastes and sensations […]



Simplicity, tradition and product-quality come together in the restaurant Fishka, a true ambassador for Mediterranean fusion cuisine. Its chef, Matias Fusi, trained in some of the most acclaimed restaurants’ kitchens, such as La Broche or Sergi Arola Gastro reaches perfection combining elements typical from the cuisine in Levante (Eastern Spain) with elements from the Russian cuisine. Their signature dish is Pelmeni stuffed with smoked chicken and cheese avocado and yogurt […]


Claudio Corners

We say: “in unity, strength”. At Calle Claudio Coello 5, they have taken it literally and few month ago opened Claudio Corners, a multi fashion and accessories area that offers custom products, style in a functional atmosphere and affordable prices. It is a local that support young entrepreneurs. In Claudio Corners you can find GabiMore, jewelry with a great design, original and very feminine; V80, with an exclusive collection coming […]



Eguinoa is conceived as a non-stop restaurant that offers a traditional -but modern- and high quality cuisine during the whole day, from breakfast to dinners, including Pintxos and great wine every hour. Every detail matters in this restaurant, including the decor by Agustín Granell. It has two clearly differentiated stages with originality and elegance as a flag, one for casual meals and afterworks, and another one more sophisticated dedicated to […]