& Other Stories, another firm of the clothing giant H&M, has just landed in Madrid. The shop is placed in a historic building in the 15th of Hermosilla Street. This place is known as the old Teatriz, an early 20th century building that all over the years has been used as restaurant, theater and cinema. In order to retain much of its original structure, it has been narrowly restored. In words of Samuel Fernström, head of & Other Stories: “It really is a unique location that combines our world with its rich history as a theater, resulting in a modern shop with a vintage spirit”.

It’s a huge 900 sqm local full of clothing, lingerie, accessories and beauty section, whose top floor is reserved for collaborations with designers and special collections. Stunning ceilings up to 20 meters high, mosaic floors and old light lanes are combined with an iconic mirror and marble details that Philippe Starck (the interior designer of the previous restaurant) located upstairs back in the 90s. They become the perfect frame for a young, clean, cheerful and contemporary brand. Last, the artist Nuria Mora has created for the inauguration a paper installation in one of the showcases.

+ info & Other Stories

Address: C/ Hermosilla 15
Telephone: +34 91 546 49 00
Web: www.stories.com

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