Not only to buy but also to create something. This is Do Design´s motto, a beautiful place founded in fact three years ago… a place where you can feel quietness and have a coffee or simply stand and inspire yourself with their magazines (The Room, Apartamento, I Love You or Grey are some of their titles to have a look at the latest trends),“object Grey s trouvés” (selected objects reached around, from teapots to old lamps from street markets all around), very rare design pieces from Spanish start-ups (Juan Ruiz Rivas is one of their best young designers who we recommend asking for), fashion and textile (do not miss Suturno scarves and accessories, now everywhere here in Spain, and Zubi bags with an oriental touch because you will love their proposals), art new talents (for example, Aitor Saraiba) and many different pieces of furniture. In the new spirit of mixed multi-spaces, Do is one of the most beautiful places where you can also meet Madrid´s stylish people, all connected to real creativity as a lifestyle concept. Do, yes, please do visit them and ask for your idea of a present, they will show you a lot more than you had imagined.

+Info Do Desing

Address: Calle Fernando VI, 13 (Madrid)
Tele. 913106217

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