If you don´t know Karlie Kloss, you fail the ‘fashion exam’. Because Karlie’s haircut is now famous and because nowadays the great Coach flagship store has just opened: New York 40’s spirit, leather accesories for men and women inspired by American convertible cars. In Serrano St., uptown área, you will find this wonderful shop in marble floor and huge Windows. Welcome, Karlie. + info Coach Address: Serrano 22 Phone number: […]


Da Giuseppina

Da Giuseppina is what we call a 3×1. It is a shop, a restaurant, a feeling. Inspired by his native Italy, Ignazio Deias has created a space that pays homage to its origins, where you can create your own dishes with different sauces, a personalized charcuterie platter, Parmesan cheese, Gorgonzolas, mozzarella, burratas,… If you need help while choosing do not hesitate to ask Ignazio. He, more than anyone, knows how […]